Koelbl and Blue Man

Interesting day today. First we saw a photography exhibit by Herlinde Koelbl.

She had a huge exhibit that must have taken a lifetime. Photos were grouped by categorz. For example, there was one section with just portraits of children, another which included society pitures, another of people in their living spaces, another about the subjects and their bodies, etc. No cameras were allowed so I don't have anz pictures but zou can find out more about the photographer with a Google search.

Then there was the Blue Man Group. I'd seen the Blue Man Group in Chicago around 2000. Since David, Biete and Ellen had not seen them, I suggested that we go. As it turned out, they were all disappointed. Oh well...I enjoyed it. It really is a celebration of creativitz, relationships and play.

Although we were not allowed to photograph the show, we could take pictures in the lobby and I managed to get David to take one of us just before the show started. Below are some of these pictures.

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